TokyoCoinpick is a global sports and crypto festival in Japan.  Variety of games played for celebrating sportsmanship and  entertainment, not just for leaning. 

Cryptocurrency is booming in the world. Crypto currency is medium of exchange which is stored in computerized database using strong cryptography to secure transaction records. On this sports Festival, lots of games are going to play for crypto fun with global teams. Many artists, from around the globe, come to Tokyo Coinpick. The stadium is actaully created by global VR/AR artists on top of Tokyo’s real physical location.

Japanese culture world like tea ceremony, nou opera, while talking with crypto funs and friends about crypto related latest news and updates.  Crypto mining competition, SDG diorama held in VRchat rooms. Lots of virtual restaurants are available, …..more

TokyoCoinpick Stadium

Credit / Cast

World Creator Museum : Mariko Uda Link
Restaurant : MarikoUda Link
Tea Ceremony:
Kimono Dressing Room :


BentoBox: BentoDao team


Kimono Avatar


Kimono 1
Kimono 2
Kimono 3




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