Tokyo Coinpic

VRchat: How to enter the Coinpick World

(Here, we will use the PC/Windows version. The screen captures and operating instructions are for Windows. However, the way to enjoy each World is the same for those who participate with Oculus, so please refer to it)

Have you completed the VRchat setup and reached the VRchat Home World?
(If you haven’t, please click here **URL attached**)
From here, we will show you how to enter the Coinpick World in VRchat.

1. Introduction to the World of Coinpick

As of July 2021, you can enjoy the following World

Coinpick Stadium – Entrance to Coinpick Stadium
Japanese Tea Ceremony – Gold tea ceremony rooms and Noh theater
Museum Bentodao – NFT Art Museum
Restaurant Bentodao – Food court at Bentodao sponsored restaurant

[Coinpick Stadium]

[Japanese Tea Ceremony]

[Bentodao Museum]

[Bentodao Restaurant]

2. How to enter the Coinpick Stadium

First, let’s go to the Coinpick Stadium.
1) Start by being in the Home world of VRchat.

2) Press the Esc key on your keyboard. Then the menu screen will appear. The mouse pointer position will be displayed in white. Move the mouse pointer to “World” and click on it.

(The mouse pointer position is always in the center of the screen. Use the mouse to adjust the palette position on the menu screen. Move the menu palette so that “World” is at the white mouse pointer position in the center of the screen).

3) This is a list of Worlds on VRchat. To get to “Coinpick Stadium,” use “Search..”.
Click “Search” on the top right.

(There are many different rooms. For example, the first row is showing the popular “Hot” Worlds, the second row is the Worlds where you can do “Exercise”, ・・・・, and so on, the Worlds are labeled by category. To see the bottom row, left click and hold then drag it down. After you have visited several Worlds, you can look at the bottom row to see the World history of your most recent entries (=Recent).
4) In the search screen, type “coinpick” then click OK.
5) Search results came up. There is one World named “Coinpick” with a stadium icon. Click on this World.
6) You will see information about Coinpick World. Click “GO”.
The 0/16 in the lower left corner of the icon is the number of people in this world right now, compared to the capacity of 16 people. In this case, the number is 0.

7) The screen will go dark and take a dozen seconds to load. Then, the following screen will appear, and click “GO”.

8) It will take more than ten seconds to load. Then you will arrive at the Stadium!

9) Now, let’s move around freely from here! Try using the various keys on the keyboard. Have you managed to get inside the stadium? Enjoy!

(Basic commands)
W : Move forward
S : Move backward
A : Move to the left
D : Move to the right
Press W or S while holding down the SHIFT key to accelerate the movement.
Spacebar : Jump
V : Unmute and allow voice conversation. (Mute by default)
ESC key : Menu (Here you can select World, Avatar, and many other settings.
Left click : Hold an object or press a button.

You can also perform various other operations. For details, please refer to this page.

3. How to enter the other worlds, part 1.

Now, let’s go to the other World.
The procedure is the same as the operation to enter Coinpick Stadium.

On the search screen, enter the appropriate search words and the World you want to go to will appear in the search results.
Then click on that “World” and click “GO” to go there.

When going to a Japanese Tea Ceremony

1) Press the Esc key to bring up the menu screen.
2) Move the mouse pointer to “World” and click.
3) Click Search on the top tab.
4) Enter “Japanese tea ceremony” in the search words.

5) You will get many search results. Find the icon of the Golden Tea House and click on it.

6) Click “GO”. It will take more than ten seconds to load. After that, you will arrive at the “Japanese Tea Ceremony” World.

Going to Bentodao Museum / Restaurant Bentodao

1) Same as above for 2) and 3).
4) Enter “bentodao” as the search word.
5) BentoDAO’s museum and restaurant will appear in the search results.
6) Choose the one you want to go to, and click “GO” to arrive.

4. How to enter another world, part 2.

On the PC version, before the stadium, after setting up the portal to the other World, it will be updated.